Yoga with Hari Kalymnios

Become Superhuman

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Public Classes

Tuesdays  5.30pm - 6.30pm

 £10 Cash Drop In



Islington Ecology Centre, 191 Drayton Park, London N5 1PH



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How Yoga Can Help You

  • Balance

    Regular practice of yoga will help increase your balance and stability, and prevent you from developing degenerative issue as you age.

  • Strength

    Regular yoga practice help develop strength and power through body weight exercises. Hari teaches a strong class which will increase your strength in rapid times.

  • Flexibility

    By practising yoga regularly, you will develop flexibility in both body and, more importantly, mind.

  • Stress Reduction

    Through mindful movement and breathing, you will activate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) which will help bring some calm and headspace to your life.

  • Resilience

    Learn to become more resilient in life and work. Your ability to encounter and bounce back from both mental and physical issues will increase exponentially.

  • Confidence

    Through developing an awareness of body, mind and inner spirit, yoga will breath more confidence into your life – from your interactions with others, your career and more confidence in your own abilities.

Learn more about Budokon yoga (a style Hari often teaches), here