Yoga with Hari Kalymnios

"The Navy SEALS of Yoga!"

Increase your strength, flexibility, balance and confidence with Budokon yoga classes. Budokon is a unique style of yoga. Influenced by traditional Hatha yoga and Vinyasa Flow while incorporating Eastern martial arts and philosophy, and blended together with primal pattern animal movements. It’s yoga, but not as you know it!

A strong class but accessible to all levels.

Section 1 - Awakening

The Warrior sits observing self. Preparing for the unification of mind, spirit and body - the greatest of battles. The Warrior rises and begins the rolling salutations. The rolling wave is the letting go of the rigid, clinging mind and embracing the effortless flow of time as it passes from new to old. The cobra roll represents the snake that sheds the old skin and old way of thinking, and embracing the now. The floating develops fearlessness and creates internal fire preparing the body for the battle that lies ahead.

Section 2 - Divided Mind

The Warrior is now ready to confront the enemy - the divided mind. The enemy is strengthen by the resistance of the Warrior to accept what is. The Warrior must battle with the desire to cling to what has past, or what may never be, and embrace what is now. The archer releases the arrow of truth, and the enemy responds by lunging forward with more illusion. The Warrior defends, and returns with sword in hand. The battle continues.

Section 3 - Pride

The warrior is thrown to his/her back, yet refuses to surrender. The Warrior is battling pride now. The need to be right, to control, to direct the course of things. The rising into chair, the crane, the warrior 2, and flying warrior, proud warrior, to kicking warrior, to warrior 3, and finally to falling warrior.

Section 4 - Unification

The warrior begins to recognize the emptiness of resisting what is. The battle transitions into a dance of unification. The unwavering courage of the warrior is demonstrated here and harmony is now the goal. The dancing dog represents the dance between the warrior and his/her mind. The half split and lizard poses are an effort to rest during the battle. The reverse prayer represents the prayer for peace. Warrior 1 to coiling dragon demonstrates the sword being thrown to the grown. The war has ended. The Warrior is now one with the mind.

Section 5 - Balance

Now balance must be established and sustained. The warrior now seeks to experience true balance. Finally having unified and become one with the mind the goal is now to demonstrate the balance between mind, spirit and body.

Section 6 - Remembering

The Warrior remembers his/her original state before the divided mind. The animals represent rebirthing and returning to our natural state of single mind. A reconnection to the earth. A returning to all fours and to pure playfulness.

Section 7 - Death & Rebirth

The Warrior is now prepared to die. Opening, surrendering and vulnerability are present. Allowing what is to be, be. And with that the opportunity to return again from the corpse pose to rebirth and finally back to our observation of self. The cycle is complete.