I spent just under an hour with Hari working through an NLP exercise that was intended to help me with dealing with fear. The session was amazing, I left feeling as if I had done some really important work, I felt confident and - most importantly - fearless. I also felt as if I had come away armed with some really good, practical tools to deal with difficult situations should they come up in the future.

Ella Hickson, Award-winning Playwright and Theatrical Director

Hari came to talk to our Rotary club to share his insights on how the power of the mind can influence your behaviour, particularly with a view on diet and weight management. His presentation was fun and knowledgeable and he was very good at answering questions. We enjoyed it and many of our members remarked on how a few easy ideas help you change your habits. We can thoroughly recommend Hari as a speaker.

Iris Hanking, Kensington Rotary Club President

I saw Hari one time and although I wasn’t really planning it, I thought why not and I decided to ask about giving up chocolate. A few weeks later, I forgot about the session and went to a tv commercial casting where I had to pretend that I enjoyed chocolate – I was nearly sick in the studio! I didn’t get the job, you may have guessed!

Brigitte Suligoi, Model and Actress

I really enjoyed this read and thought it was very informative, well researched, and very personably written: open, honest and heart felt. Some great ideas and techniques, I think there's something in there for everyone, would recommend to all!

Amit Roychoudhury

A very practical, action orientated book filled with humourous anecdotes and written in light hearted tone, I took away much wisdom on fixing bad lifestyle habits and optimising my diet which I plan to action with immediate effect.

Rather than give a life style how-to list, a change your attitude sort of approach, Hari Kalymnios has built a resource library in one book that can either give you a thought and action for the day, or a set of daily tasks and thoughts that could fill a week of focused activity in one topic.

Thoroughly enjoyable read, I look forward to the writer's next instalment - highly recommended

Vishnu Hariharan, CEO Bluebook

Hari  gave a very inspiring  talk for members of the UCL Mind Society. It was easy  to feel that Hari believes and is passionate about what he is presenting. The talk was very honest, coherent and interactive, therefore it was convincing and everyone really accepted his points.

Mindguas Jonikas, President of the UCL Mind Society

Hari provides a very honest and simple look at making practical and effective improvements for the mind, body and soul that are aimed to last a lifetime.

Dr Prakash Jayakumar, NHS Orthopaedic Registrar

The power of the mind – initially sceptical i decided to try it out for myself and give up sugar. Hari was attentive, thorough and very professional in his approach, 10 minutes later and the results speak for themselves – i’m sugar free and proof that the power of the mind really does work!

Dr Minal Jayakumar, NHS General Practitioner and Medical Trainer

The sessions gave me practical tips to take away on how to continue to manage my goals, and above all, invaluable tips on managing rejection. I would recommend The Thought Gym for anyone who wants to learn the tools to make themselves the best self-motivator they can be.

Deli Segal, Actress

I am happy to recommend Hari Kalymnios as a professional and talented coach and practitioner. I believe Hari’s attention for detail helps him achieve great results with and for those that he works with.

Kate McCartney, Toby & Kate McCartney NLP Training

I'm always on the lookout for inspiration regarding my health. I found it in the Thought Gym. After reading the book, I decided to follow through on a few of Hari's insights. I'm pleased to say he was right. I improved my thinking towards dieting and exercising. I especially found Hari's advice on breaking up a daily routine helpful. Too often a person can get stuck in a robotic set of daily actions. Changing even the smallest details really can make a difference. Overall, a great book and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their diet or wanting to exercise more.

Todd Wade

Hari is a great strategist, thinker & knowledgable. He is very professional & his attention to detail is unique.I would recommend his services to anyone looking to achieve great results.

Javez Khan, Hypnodriving