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Avoid persistent fatigue and reclaim your vitality 
Discover The Four Forces Needed To Recapture Your Energy,  Vitality & Longevity So You Can Expand Your Mission And Create Impact Without Burnout Or Missing Out On Life.

Learn the Simple, Practical and Proven Principles to Help You Design a New You for the New Year and Ensure Lasting Success, Health & Happiness. 

You'll Learn These Four Pillars in this FREE Masterclass


The first pillar in the four part framework is the real key to boosting vitality and achieving what you want in your health. By understanding this force and working towards  mastery of it, entrepreneurs, change-makers and everyday people of the world can avoid the common pitfalls that so many others allow to block their success when it comes to their own personal health journeys.


The second pillar comprises five essential elements that most people simply have no idea about and miss completely. If you want to have energy, resilience and the ability to bounce back while avoiding burnout and fatigue then you must have all five elements and understand how to use them. Using these five elements have helped countless others enjoy the benefits of abundant living. 


The third pillar contains practices that really need to be incorporated and dialled in to achieve lasting vitality, longevity and success. Your health goals for 2022 can only really be achieved when these components are used effectively. These practices are simple but comprehensive and are the difference that make the difference.


This vital pillar is one that is often overlooked by people trying to make a healthy and wellbeing change. In fact, even other so-called 'experts' in this field haven't historically put enough emphasis on this area. By missing it out, or only activating a small part of it (as most people do) you run the serious risk of jeopardising your goal and expectations for a healthier you this year.

Hari coaches and trains the high performing entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and 'change-makers' of the world to become superhuman!

He has spent over 10 years helping the 'change-makers' of the world boost their vitality and resilience to enable them to have greater impact and longevity in delivering their purpose without succumbing to fatigue or burnout. 

Hari is a prolific content creator and is sought-after by clients including large multinationals, the world’s fastest Formula One team and billionaires.

Hari Kalymnios

Masterclass Instructor

At the beginning of a new year, people are often highlighted motivated, which is great. However, motivation doesn't last and when you recognise that you might be repeating the same pattern year after year, it's time to make a change. Join me in this unique, comprehensive and interactive live masterclass, as I share with you the secrets that you must master if you are truly going to have impact and longevity in your health, vitality and wellbeing in 2022. 

Hari Kalymnios

The Thought Gym

What others are saying about Hari

Thought Leader

Hari Kalymnios has mapped out a brilliant framework for unlocking our otherwise untapped energy to allow us to live with vigour. The instructor is clearly a thought leader in his field and it shows in his ability to distil more technical concepts in a simplified way. 

Vishnu Hariharan

Co-Founder, BlueBook

Energetic & Engaging

Hari is energetic, engaging and approachable. He radiates enthusiasm and communicates his breadth of knowledge in an interesting and effective way. My colleagues and I have all thoroughly enjoyed his training. I would certainly recommend hearing what he has to say.

Amanda Zafiris

Head of International Marketing, WeWork

Truly Inspiring

Hari is a truly inspiring guy, he really does live what he believes, one of the few people I know to not only talk the talk but walk the walk... and always makes me want to get out there and live life better myself. Always full of energy and wanting to help others to reach their full potential.

Aislinn O'Neill

Marketer, Traveller & Creator

Incredible Content

This is such incredible content which Hari Kalymnios has accumulated and shared with us. I used to feel so tired and lethargic all the time, and the information presented has really made a huge difference in my day to day... the language used is user friendly and Hari's advice comes across in a very in a very friendly way, 

Marketa Krivdova

Dance Instructor

More Focus & Energy

This has to be a must for anyone who works hard and plays hard. I have found by implementing the principles and ideas of Hari's, I'm able to focus more and have more energy both in my work and family life. Its easy to read, listen or watch a video about change, but if you really want to feel better and have more energy, then you need to do this.

Ben Parry

Co-Founder, Barr Media

Truly Inspiring

Having started Hari's online course and listened to him speaking live I am buzzing with ideas and inspiration. I loved how he covered so many aspects of living energetically and brought them together in simple models that are easy to apply. I feel excited about starting to make changes now. We will see more of this guy for sure!

Hans Schumann

Executive Career and Life Coach

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Investing in your own health, wellbeing, energy, vitality and resilience is the best way to create lasting impact and sustain your mission. Follow our proven strategies and start investing in yourself to become a superhuman entrepreneur!

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